Frequenty Asked Questions


How do I enroll my teen in the AMTP Teen Project?

We have a referral form that is typically used by guidance counselors in the schools we serve. However, we welcome referrals from community members and parents. If you want to refer a teen to our program, please discuss the program and referral with the teen and their parent/guardian to see if there is interest, and contact us at for a referral form. Click here to read more about the referral processClick here for a referral form.

What kind of activities do participants get to do?

All AMTP teens have the opportunity to participate in service learning and adventure based trips. We go hiking, biking, backpacking, canoeing, swimming, climbing, snow shoeing, and tubing; and we volunteer to support animal shelters, nursing homes, food pantries and soup kitchens, community events like MLK Day in Laconia, and GALA “Sustainaraisers”.

Participants can also choose to enroll in the Pathways to Leadership Project and attend trips that focus more intensely on leadership and skill development, and community engagement. Teens who choose to participate in the AYLC have the opportunity to attend annual overnight leadership retreats and represent AMTP at community events and meetings throughout the region. Older teens have the opportunity to engage in post-secondary pursuits and professional development with staff and peers.

What does AMTP mentorship look like?

At AMTP, our mentors work to support and empower AMTP teens. Mentors meet teens where they’re at, and don’t push any particular agenda. Broadly, mentors work with teens to figure out who they are, how they relate to their peers, their family members, and the larger community. The most amazing part of the mentorship experience is that each teen who chooses to stick with their mentor has access to a supportive adult who can help advocate with and for them throughout the many realms of the lives. Mentors can support them in school, within the home, and within the greater community. Mentors are not only go-tos for emotional support, but are also connectors and teachers. Teens who stick with their mentors often find that their mentors can support them in a variety of ways throughout their middle school and high school careers, from helping them find tutoring, to helping them apply for college!

How long does the mentorship last?

AMTP participants are re-enrolled in the Teen Project annually, and are invited to do so annually until they have graduated from high school. In their first year, mentors meet with their mentees in school for 45 minutes every week. After that first year, mentors connect with their ongoing mentees less frequently, and the relationship becomes more fluid. All AMTP participants are encouraged to attend trips and take part in the Pathways to Leadership program. Ongoing participants are encouraged to apply to join the AYLC. The more that ongoing participants engage in trips and other programming, the more rich their relationship with their mentor becomes!