The first two weekends in June were busy for AMTP. AMTP participants enrolled in the Pathways to Leadership program’s service learning pathway participated in two awesome service learning trips. The first of these trips was to an AMTP family’s home in Laconia where participants worked with Global Awareness, Local Action (GALA), a non-profit organization based in Ossipee, to support a Sustain-A-Raiser.

Josh Arnold, Executive Director of GALA said, “Every year we look forward to partnering with AMTP for a Sustain-A-Raiser or two, or three. Once again, an enthusiastic and hard-working team of AMTP participants spent their Saturday building raised beds, compost bins, a rain barrel, and a cold frame for one of their families in Laconia. Now there is one more family growing food, building soil, and protecting our watersheds – way to go team!!!”

By participating in the installation, AMTP teens learned about backyard sustainability and how small steps taken by individuals, like themselves can result in larger change. One participant said he “learned that teamwork really helps get the job done and helps me connect with people.” On the second weekend in June, AMTP participants went up to Crawford Notch to participate in National Trails Day with the AMC. AMTP participants helped AMC trail crew members build check steps and water bars on an eroded area of the trail, and learned how these elements help prevent further degradation of the trail and improve folks’ enjoyment of it. The teens excited to join the AMC again for another trail work day in the fall.


AMTP - AMC Trail Work 2014

Check out GALA’s beautiful photos of the Sustain-A-Raiser here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/galacommunity/sets/72157645014290275/

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