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The Pathways to Leadership Project engage teens in an eight month sequence of experiential activities that build technical and interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and cultural awareness to better prepare them to pursue their own futures in the classroom, in the workplace, and in their neighborhoods and communities.

In January, AMTP ongoing participants choose and commit to either a Service Learning Pathway or an Outdoor Leadership Pathway. Teens in each pathway engage in a series of skill-building and leadership development days during the school year and early summer that culminate in a multi-day “touchstone” experience in August, which they help design. Each teen participates in a minimum of three 1-2 day experiences, monthly check-ins with a staff mentor, and a culminating 5-day trip.

At a time when our culture and technology emphasize short-term, isolated experiences and immediate gratification, the Pathways to Leadership Project will focus teens intently on what it means to live together as part of a community and encourage them to develop a long-term vision of the many ways they can contribute and lead throughout their lives.

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