The Diversity Project

The AMTP initiated the Diversity Project to support schools in their efforts to create safe multicultural school environments for students from all backgrounds. Through Diversity Project programming both in and out of the classroom, youth are empowered to recognize the value of diversity and inclusive participation. Students learn about the struggle for social justice throughout history and the harm of racial, religious, cultural, and gender oppression.

“People are not who you think they are. You must get to know them.”

“It makes me think not to judge someone by the way they look.”

“I never realized how much I cared about what others think about me.”

~Diversity Project participant comments


Project Objectives:

  • Promote positive self-identity and compassionate awareness of others
  • Decrease youth-to-youth hostility and bullying
  • Promote caring and inclusive multicultural classroom environments


Project Strategies:

Me, You and the World We Share

A 6-8 session literacy and character education curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students with an emphasis on experiential learning.

Bridges Day

An annual day of small and large group initiatives that promote cross group understanding, kindness, and respect among approximately 200 rising 7th grade students from all of the different sending elementary schools in the Governor Wentworth Regional School District.

Riverland Education Adventure Center

Outdoor experiential activities at AMTP’s ropes course along the Merrimack River in Canterbury, NH help student and adult groups practice team-building, communication, conflict resolution, and diversity awareness skills.

Assessment and Consultation

AMTP partners with schools to facilitate school-wide dialogue leading to strategies that reinforce positive school climate.

For more information on how to bring any of the programs below to your school or business, please contact the AMTP office. We will be happy to tailor the programming to suit your school or business’s particular needs.

Geographic Area: Schools in Belknap and Carroll Counties