New Futures compiled a very useful resource summarizing key points on substance misuse issues in NH. Using this handy little document, residents can advocate for the resources needed to address the substance misuse epidemic in NH. Please use these talking points in conversations with lawmakers, coalition members, and others who influence alcohol and drug policy in New Hampshire. Click here to review it!

AMTP had it’s first Teen Night at the KYC this past Friday. The goal of Teen Nights is to provide youth in southern Carroll County with an opportunity to engage and hang out with peers in a substance-free venue. When asked why their peers choose to use drugs and alcohol, teens queried by AMTP said they felt that most teens used because there was nothing better to do, and there’s a lot of pressure from other teens. We asked what we could do to change that. They said it would be cool to have a place to go for fun that didn’t have those pressures. Hence, Teen Nights.

Teen Nights will be co-hosted by AMTP and the Kingswood Youth Center on the second Friday of the month from April – June. If you’re interested in volunteering, or supporting Teen Nights in any way, give us a call!


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